Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Illuminati? In my music? It's more likely than you think!

At least according to these guys. Illuminati puppets are everywhere, and they're some of your favorite artists. Lady Gaga? Yup. Beyonce and Jay-Z? Queen and King of The Occult. Rihanna? Pure evil. Not even Princess Di is spared. Her memorials are rife with occult symbolism.

Check this shit out. You will be shocked and amazed. Open your eyes, sheeple.


truth-seeker-656 said...

I know what you mean I have been trying to tell people but no one is hearing me and at my school I have a teacher that is an Illuminati supporter. I cant believe it gotten it to the schools now too.

truth-seeker-656 said...
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2scho8 said...

I worked at a Burlington on the West Coast and they carried Jeans and Shirts which had the ram or baphomet symbol on them . and those sold like crazy. teens bought those out so fast. But there are so many symbols that satan perverted. Best example is the Rainbow. It is a sign or God promising us that he will no longer destroy the earth through a flood even though the people are wicked. Now people who practice the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality use the rainbow to spit in Gods face. Owls are beautiful creatures that God created but they are symbols of satan now. and even the mouse in the image of mickey mouse (which disney had major illuminati connections). If you like to read lengthy things then read this Disney report: www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/the_disney_bloodlinept1.htm I have been reading it for several days now. Very informative.

Here is a video of a Russian singer anna from the group Vintage playing Mickey Mouse. She is like a drone in the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGeyVKk6qE8&feature=related
And the explanation (in English):

Another clip from a mega famous singer Vitas showing symbols :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z58fWOkF2I4

After all, let us not fall into depression, these things will be even more global, but God does have it all under control. in the end He will prevail, destroy all evil and those who Believed in Him through the end will be in forever Life. Revelation, the last book of the bible, foretells of the things to come. Read and you will know the Truth. Although satan is lying to people that he is the winner in all this but God and Jesus have the power. I believe this with all my heart.